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Our Search Engine Optimization is a comprehensive service that will bring you higher rankings, more targeted traffic, and an increase in leads!

Having a presence on the web is not enough. Your customers and potential visitors have to be able to find you online. We design your web site with search engine placement in mind, and offer custom search engine optimization services for our clients who want to stay ahead of the pack.

We work on both natural and paid search engine optimization techniques. We only use "white hat" SEO techniques as outlined in Google's & Yahoo's guidelines. Our goal is to achieve high rankings for our clients, increase traffic to their sites, and convert that traffic into leads and in the end a high return on investment.

We will customize a search engine optimization plan for you using some or all of the following techniques:

Site Activity Analysis
We will analyze and report on your website’s activity logs to determine what your visitors are clicking on (what’s effective, what’s not), where they came from, and if they came from a search engine, what search term they used. Also, we will determine whether the search engines are “spidering” your website regularly. You’ll receive a comprehensive report of the findings with recommendations for you to consider that will help improve your site’s results with the search engines. We will submit your site when appropriate to the search engines and directories that offer a free submission.

Keyword Analysis
We will research what search terms are being used all across the internet through a tool that samples search engine results. Also, we will determine how many companies are competing for all of the keyword phrases to determine which phrases in your site will benefit you the most. The more searches for a keyword phrase divided by the number of competing companies gives us a “KEI”. Using search terms with a high “KEI” will get you more visits. Keywords are used in your web site’s META tags and in the text on your web site.

Search Engine Analysis
First We will analyze where you currently rank on the “Major Search Engines” for your most important keyword phrases. Next we will do a competitor analysis to determine what “SEO” strategies are working for your competitors. With these results and keyword analysis, we will be able to tailor a search engine optimization campaign for you, including: META tag optimization, web site structure optimization, text optimization, link building, and more.

Link Building Campaigns
First We explore the major directories (DMOZ, Google, & Yahoo), as well as some local directories (CTseek, CTclix), and determine which category(s) best fit your company. Then we submit your web site for review. Yahoo requires a payment of $299 for listing in their directory. You can choose to pay the fee and ensure that you will be listed, or just choose not to get listed. Our recommendation depends on the web site, and the business it represents.

Next, we will make a list of the websites where a link to you would make sense. This list typically consists of industry competitors, industry related sites, and regionally specific sites (Connecticut Directories, Connecticut Chambers of Commerce, Etc.). Then we draft a link request letter to go out under your name to the potential linkers requesting a link to your site.

Web Site Maintenance
We do this report as a checkup to keep minor problems from building up over time. We do a broken link check, make sure all images are being displayed properly, and check the spelling in the text. We make sure there are no issues that would prevent the search engines from spidering the site. We also check on the listings, that we have built, look for problems, and re-submit the site when needed.

Google and Overture have pay per click campaigns where you pay to be listed in the "sponsored links" section on specific searches. The amount paid per click depends on the words selected, and the position that you would like to be placed at.

We collect the reports for both google and overture campaigns, and analyze the success of the campaign in a number of ways. We check the number of clicks, the click through rate, the total amount of money spent, the average position, and the number of conversions. After compiling these results, we compare the campaigns to previous months to see if there has been improvement. We are then able to determine the best course of action to improve results for the following months campaigns. Often times we tweak the bid prices, change ad text, or add and subtract keywords from the campaigns.

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