Email Marketing

We use Peer360 to market our clients' website's on the internet. What is Peer360?

Peer360’s E Power Suite is comprised of web based, email centric marketing tools:

WebLetters: a digital email generator that allows you to professionally create, publish and track content and customer responses.

WebSurvey: a surveying tool that enables you to gather and process instant customer feedback in real time.

WebFulfillment: truly tie your offline marketing efforts to the online world with measurable results. WebFulfillment brings it all together 24 x 7!

WebProspector: E-mail based sales generation tool that delivers digital presentations to a prospective customers e-mail inbox and reports what’s been viewed.

WebLetters offers effective relationship marketing through relevant communications.

Whether you're selling to current customers, prospects or even your company's own employees, WebLetters delivers a branded full-color newsletter right in their e-mail inbox.

It tracks what they read and when they read it, helping you understand what interests them and how to make your follow-up communications extremely relevant.

Sample Web Letters

The REAL Magic - Real Time Reporting

  • Easy to read reports will instantly tell you how many e-mails were sent, successfully
    delivered and opened.
  • Undeliverable e-mails are listed by address.
  • When someone clicks on the content within a WebLetter, you can track their behavior.
  • What is read
  • Who read what
  • And what was read by individual
  • See how many referrals and subscriptions you received.


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